Mining & Resources

The mining and resource industry is a strong pillar of any nation’s economy. The purpose of this industry is to extract natural resources such as copper, coal, and iron, etc. Once extracted these resources are then utilized and exported as well. In order to extract these resources, field experts are required to carry a resource hunt.

Work of this nature requires necessary permits and people who know of resources and mining, as this field has certain risks involved, meaning miners have to work from heights or sometimes under the ground. Since the mining and resource industry needs skilled workers which is why Perfect Hire is here.

  • Labourers provided by Perfect Hire are trained specially for mining and carrying out other work in this industry.
  • All workers have enough skills that make them capable of carrying out manual work and they can work with any type of machine light or heavy.
  • We can provide you labourers for temporary and permanent types of jobs. You do not have to worry about their background check, we have got it all covered for you. Just give the requirements of what kind of skilled worker you are looking for and we guarantee you that we will tick all the boxes in your list.