Exo Suits: The Future of Construction

Exo Suits: The Future of Construction
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Exo Suits: The Future of Construction

These may look like something out of a movie but Exo suits are taking the world by storm at the moment. They are being used in many different industries like the military, health care, and even construction. So how do these exo suits help construction? What if you could ware a suit that done all the heavy lifting for you? What if you didn’t have to lift that 25kg Jackhammer all day and all you had to do was hold the button and let the suit do all the work?

Well, robotics company Ekso Bionics has created an exoskeleton suit for the Construction industry. It’s called the Ekso Works Vest, it is an upper-body exoskeleton that elevates and supports a worker’s arms to assist them with tasks ranging from chest height to overhead. It is lightweight and low profile making it comfortable to wear in all conditions while enabling freedom of motion.

So what problems does this solve?

Workplaces experience fewer on-site injuries while tasks are completed faster and with higher quality results. Workers stay healthier and experience increased stamina. Companies gain greater productivity in factories and on construction sites.


  • Weight - 9.5 lb.
  • Adjustable Lift Assistance- 5-15 lb. per arm
  • Adjustable Work Envelope 20” of adjustment
  • Worker Height Range - 5’0” to 6’4”ft
exo suits the future of construction

How can Construction companies use them?

Well, there are many benefits that come with using exoskeleton suits in construction. They help to dramatically reduce worker fatigue performing physically strenuous tasks like jackhammering concrete at chest or head height for example. These advanced exoskeleton suits allow workers to perform the same tasks quicker and for longer as they do not have to hold the weight of the equipment.

Also, the use of exoskeleton suits in construction has been proven to decrease workplace accidents as workers are under less stress and fatigue. Along with the health and safety benefits of these exoskeleton suits come a massive increase in worker productivity.

Perfect Hire is always looking for intuitive technologies that can improve both our productivity and improve the health and safety of our team members. We are always looking for ways to work faster, smarter and safer.

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