Heavy Plant & Machinery

Some jobs at home and at work are just too big to be knocked off in an afternoon with your basics tools. Buying a piece of heavy equipment is a huge investment, both in terms of initial cost and ongoing storage and maintenance expenses and efforts.

Hiring your heavy equipment cuts out the big expense, storage and maintenance issues, while also ensuring you have a high-quality piece of machinery that will suit your construction work needs.

Perfect Hire offers a range of heavy duty tools for hire in Sydney.

Excavators help you dig, lift and move large amounts of tough materials such as dirt, sand or rubbish in a short space of time. Depending on your project, the team at Perfect Hire will set you up with the right size excavator for your needs. There are options in the 1-tonne category for small to medium projects, a 5-tonne model for larger projects, and a number of choices in between.

Skid-steer loaders are similar to excavators in that they shift materials such as dirt with ease, but with a different design so that you can get into smaller spaces and lift vertically. Perfect Hire also has a couple of options so you can match the right machine to the job.

If you’re looking to lift and shift heavy materials in the form of crates, pallets, skip bins, or other solid structures, a forklift may be the right tool for the job. Hire a forklift in Sydney that can carry up to 1,700 kilograms at a time and get the job done faster.

Excavator Case 6t

Per Hour (Wet hire) $110

Excavator Case 8t

Per Hour (Wet hire) $115

Excavator Sumitomo 24t

Per Hour (Wet hire) $145

Excavator Yanmar 1.7t

Per Hour (Wet hire) $90

Excavator Yanmar 1t

Per Hour (Wet hire) $75

Excavator Yanmar 2t

Per Hour (Wet hire) $95

Excavator Yanmar 3.5t

Per Hour (Wet hire) $100

Excavator Yanmar VIO 55 5t

Per Hour (Wet hire) $110


Per Hour (Wet hire) $75

Loader Bobcat S590

Per Hour (Wet hire) $90

Loader Bobcat S70

Per Hour (Wet hire) $80

Tracked Mini Dumper Cormidi 500

Per Hour (Wet hire) $70

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The project was one of the toughest that I have encountered throughout my station experience and a pleasure working with professional subcontractors. Again, I appreciate your help and assistance on this one and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Angelo Stratikopoulos
Project Manager, Arenco

Horizon Habitats have been continuously engaging Perfect Labour Hire for labour hire services over the past 3 years. We have found the labourers and account management team to be reliable, professional and eager to help. We rely on Perfect Hire to assist ourselves in providing quality services to our clients.

David A. Moses
Managing Director, Horizon Habitats

I have used labourers from Perfect Labour Hire for over 2 years now, ranging from general labourers to carpenters. The company has been easy to deal with and very helpful. The labour they provide are of good quality, and provide value through their hard work and ability.

Tom Matanovic
Project Manager, TAYLOR