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Here at PERFEFCT HIRE we have a strong focus towards our culture. We believe strongly believe that a happy workforce leads to increased productivity which in turn keeps all our clients happy. We provide career pathways for all of our new team members, helping them to obtain the qualifications and certifications they need to build a long lasting career in the construction industry.


Our recruitment process is second to none. Right from making first contact with our HR team we ensure all the correct procedures are followed. We interview candidates individually, assessing their skills and qualifications. Once all interviews have been conducted then we crosscheck all references and ensure we have the best candidates possible.


Once all our interviews have taken place then all new recruits are booked into our in-house training, which takes place in our yard. This training covers all the correct and safe use of all tools and equipment each recruit will encounter while out on site working for our clients. We go through everything from Snappy Scaffold and Platform Ladders to Hilti TE60 Jackhammers and Husqvarna Demolition Saws. We ensure that each recruit knows and understands how to use all these tools and equipment correctly.


Safety plays a major part in our whole recruitment process. Right from the first initial interview to the training we communicate that importance of safety. We have created a twenty-minute induction video, which goes through all potential hazards and safety issues a recruit might encounter while on site.

Career Pathway

Along with providing equipment and safety training we also work out a career pathway with our recruits. We find out what they want and where they want to go and then help them to get there. Providing financial support to help further their studies or gain crucial industry certifications and tickets required to work in the construction industry.


  • Asbestos supervisor class A

    Sydney | Full-time, Temporary or Contract
  • Machine operator (excavator)

    Sydney | Full-time, Temporary or Contract
  • Carpenter

    Sydney | Full-time, Temporary or Contract
  • RIW Labourer

    Sydney | Full-time, Temporary or Contract
  • Skilled/ demolition/ general labourers

    Sydney | Full-time, Temporary or Contract
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