Concrete Cutting & Care

Wide-Flat Chisel / Scraper

Wide-Flat Chisel / Scraper

Features: Innovative design with self-sharpening blade Consistently high performance over the enti..
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Concrete Cutting & Care

Concrete Cutting, Coring, Driling, Scanning, Mixing Eguipment for Hire in Sydney

Tools for concrete care encompass everything from equipment for breaking, cutting, and drilling to grinding and mixing. As any tradesman knows, working with poor tools can make the job harder at best, and can actually damage the concrete or become a safety hazard at worst. When you hire concrete care tools, you have the peace of mind that each piece of equipment is well cared for, exceptional quality and that you’ll have advice and help on hand if you need it.

Your project may require you to saw through slabs of concrete. The range of concrete saws available to rent from Perfect Hire includes hand-held 14- and 16-inch saws, as well as larger walk-behind saws and road saws for cutting ground concrete. These tools are from leading hardware brands such as Husqvarna, Tyrolit, and Hilti.

Another common item is a concrete breaker, which again comes in a range of brands, sizes, and specific purposes. A smaller breaker such as the Hilti TE 50 weighs just 5.7 kilograms for easy use and is ideal for little jobs such as wall tiles. For larger projects, consider the 30 kilogram Hilti TE 3000, which can break up to 6 tonnes every hour.

Concrete grinders are useful multi-purpose tools that can prepare concrete surfaces by removing waterproofing, paint, adhesive residue or spackle. Complete jobs of any size by hiring a grinder suited to the task.

When it comes to laying new concrete, Perfect Hire also offers concrete mixers that can quickly and evenly produce great results in concrete, render or mortar. You can also pick up a concrete vibrator to help remove any air bubbles from freshly placed concrete.

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